Thursday, 15 August 2013

Admin And Culture In A Coruna

      A Coruna has proved to be a surprise. We don't like cities as a whole but A Coruna has been a delight. The first 2 days were Administration days and the on the third day, the bikes came out for a good 5 hour ride around the city. As you can see below, there was plenty of culture, delightful beaches with bronzed bodies and stunning buildings. The pictures below give a flavour of our enjoyable cycle ride along the special routes for joggers and cyclists.
Ginny Acting As Hercules At Modern Stonehenge
Guy Doing The Bolt At Modern Rock Sculpture
Hercules Lighthouse Behind Modern Rocks
Hercules Lighthouse, Originally Roman
Hercules Standing Tall 
Ginny Cycling Along Our Route Around A Coruna
The A Coruna Beach
Ginny, Bikes, Millennium Tower And Hercules In Background
  As we have an archaeologist in the family, we spent some time doing the cultural bit in the city wondering around the old heart of A Coruna. There were many delightful buildings and old churches with plenty of history.
Iglesia De San Jorge
Casa Do Concello In The Plaza De Maria Pita
Plaza De Maria Pita
     Guy had to visit the grave of Gen Sir John Moore, the founder of the Light Division and pay his respects. His tomb is found in a most peaceful and restful place overlooking the marina. The battle map shows the plan of the defeat of the British by th French.
Tomb Of General Sir John Moore

Guy With Gen Sir John Moore
Battle Map Of The English Defeat By The French
  More buildings for Zoe to enjoy. They were absolutely stunning inside and very moving.
Iglesia De Sto Dimingo
Ancient Stone Work
Find Ginny At The Old Town Headquarters
Inglesia Santiago
Statue Of Maria Pita Who Saw Off Sir Francis Drake
The Windows Along The Harbour Front That Gave Coruna
The Name Of The Crystal City
Gig Racing In The Harbour
Ginny On The Ramparts, Fort San Anton
Ginny Looking Towards Our Marina
Guy About To Brief The Troops In Fort  San Anton
The Marina And Rias In The Background
   We now have full tanks of fuel and water and gas stocks are fully restored The engine oil and all filters have been changed. Food, beer and wine are all stocked up. The laundry fully completed, dried and ironed. The blog is up to date, Ginny has had her hair cut and the weather is about to calm down to allow us to sail round the Coast Of Death to the Western Rias. All in all, moral is high and we look forward to moving south again having crawled all the way along the 43 Northing.

    We head slowly to Vigo to get the required documentation to anchor off the various islands that await us on the west and thne we expect to spend 2 months exploring the area so do join us if you want.  Happy days.
The Jersey Yacht In The Marina
Kisti Two In The Marina Surrounded By Scandinavian Yachts
And Fort San Anton In The Background