Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Marina Del Este & Almerimar Marina, June/July 2014


       We enjoyed a final meal with Jane at the Marina Restaurant and after an unintentional swim from jumping off the gangplank (no names mentioned), we set sail from Benalmadena Marina on 26 June. It was a frustrating trip with the wind coming and going all day, but the coastal scenery was lovely and after 32 nm, arrived at Herradura Bay (Horseshoe Bay) where we were to stay anchored for 2 lovely nights. Kisti Two was the only yacht and we were able to swim, BBQ and explore the  beautiful cove. Guy moved the ensign across to the starboard side of the gantry where it picks up the wind far more effectively.
Malaga Coastline.
Ginny Enjoying A Swim In Herradura Bay (Horseshoe Bay).
Kisti Two Anchored In Herradura Bay.
Guy At Wheel Departing Herradura Bay.
Ensign Flying At Last.

     It was a short trip of only 2nm round to the very small and enchanting Marina Del Este where we crept in and moored off opposite the Marina Restaurants. Our bow was only a hop, step and a jump from the restaurant seats from where we could keep an eye on Kisti Two and the lovely clear water. This marina was an absolute gem of a place to discover and meet up with Linda & David Kemp whom we knew from working at Kemp Sails in UK. It was lovely to see them again looking so fit, young and well. We were treated royally and shared a wonderful and delicious Chinese Lunch in Almunicar. It was fun to be out and about in a car, quite a novelty. We enjoyed a couple of nights in the marina exploring the local area and an afternoon on the stoney beach.
Marina Del Este Beach.
Linda & David Kemp With Ginny
Enjoying A Drink In Marina Del Este.
Kisti Two In Marina Del Este.
David & Linda Kemp Admiring Kisti Two.
The Happy Couple!
Ginny On Kisti Two About To Hit The Night Life.
Morning In Marina Del Este
A Very Happy Ginny With The Port Entrance Bouy.
Captions In A Postcard To..........
The Delightful & Small Marina Del Este.
Marina Del Este Beach.
Ginny And Her Shirley Valentine Moment!
Where's Pedro?

     We departed Marina Del Este on 30 June at 0930 hrs heading into the wind! We had not sailed at this angle for ages so it was great to get Kisti Two roaring along at 6+ knots but it was not to last and the wind died down at 1420 hrs so it was back to the iron genoa again. After 42 miles along the Costa Del Sol coastline where we viewed several Moorish forts and snow on the Nevada Mountains, we anchored in lovely clean water off Almerimar Bay in 5m of depth. There was a beautiful sunset once again as we enjoyed a swim in the 23C water in flat calm waters.
Morrish Castle & Snow On The Nevada Mountains.
A Lovely Coastline With Stunning Views.
Guy Asleep At The Wheel Again!
Just Beautiful Blue Sea & Sky.
A Well Earned Swim At Anchor
Ginny Enjoying The Sunset Off Almerimar Beach.
         We have found that of all the weather websites, appears to be the most accurate. The next morning, we awoke to thick fog and a heavy dew on Kisti Two. Strong winds were forecast over the next 2 days, so it was up anchor and a short trip into Almerimar Marina. This is an enormous marina with 1000 berths and a whole complex of restaurants, flats, bars, shops etc but all of it very run down, tired and in need of a revamp. We are not impressed with Almerimar Marina except for the price, €21 a night, Marina Del Este was €42 a night! Despite the cheap cost of wintering here, we would never do so or perhaps Lagos has spoilt us! but the standards are very far apart and atmospheres very different. It was a good safe port however while the winds blew strongly, F7+ for a couple of days. We will not be loitering for long. We hope to set off once again tomorrow, 3 July round Cabo de Gata onto the Costa Blanca. The Costa Del Sol has been interesting, it would have been more fun to explore the many anchorages but the Levante wind through the Gibraltar Strait causes strong winds as it acts a bit like a champagne bottle being opened so we have been a bit marina bound. The culture was good but time to move on again.
The Early Morning Fog Lifting To Reveal Our Neighbour.
Note The Water Temperature Of 23.2C!
Kisti Two In Almerimar Marina.
Almerimar Marina From The Entrance Looking North.
Almerimar Marina Looking South To The Entrance Tower.