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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days And Sunsets On Ibiza. 20 July - 24 August 2014.

      We departed Altea Marina, Spanish mainland for Ibiza on 22 July with full water and diesel tanks plus supplies to last us a good 10 days. There were F3 SW winds for the crossing of 62nm, a bit like crossing Lyme Bay from Portland to Dartmouth in distance, but that is where the similarity ends! We had to wait for the usual mid-day wind and then up went the cruising chute which stayed up for the whole trip across. We had a glorious sail in calm sea, perfect winds, blue sky and hardly another sole in site. We were even joined by a couple of dolphins for a short display. The wind took us directly to Cala Sahona on the west coast of Formentera and on the way we went from Longitude WEST to Longitude EAST, well into the Med now. We dropped the anchor amongst many other yachts and motor boats in the cleanest and crystal clear water we had ever seen at 2200hrs. Just in time to jump in for a wonderful swim and then witness one of those famous Ibiza sunsets. Cala Sahona felt magical.
Guy Inspecting The Set Of The Cruising Chute On The Sail From Altea To The Balearics.
Just Over The Meridian Off the Coast near Greenwich Marina, Heading East.
Leaving The Coast Of Mainland Spain, With Puerto De Calpe The Spanish Gibraltar On The Right.
Sailing At Last, Guy Setting Out Into The Blue.
Glorious Escapism.
The Beautiful Blue Waters Of Formentera, You Can Watch The Anchor Go Down To 10/20m.
Guy Chatting To The Fish and Viewing The Lie Of The Anchor.

       The next 2 days were spent relaxing and discovering the Island of Formentera. It was wonderful just to swim in the clear water and have a short walk around the Cala. However, Ginny decided to explore further so we walked 6km into San Francisco Javier at the centre of the Island along hot and dusty tracks. It proved to be a lovely hippie town with a friendly party atmosphere. Laden with resupplies (Kisti Two will never run short of beer!), we trudged back exhausted to another sunset! Oh well, it was another dip in the sea at night this time.
Beach at Cala Saona, Our First Landfall In Formentera.
Where's Ginny, On the Rock Shelves Over The Anchorage At Cala Saona. 
Formentera Anchorage.
Cala Saona
Return Trip From Shopping In The Centre Of The Island.
Sunset At The Dingy Park.

          The 25th was to be the start of our new daily routine for a month. We were worried about mooring fees (€200+ a night for K2 at 11m, if we were lucky to get a berth!) so wanted to anchor as much as possible. Ibiza was to prove brilliant for anchoring. You find a spot almost where ever you wanted to suit the wind, swell or weather. There are so many wonderful and isolated anchorages all around the Island that we have now been at anchor for 5 weeks and instead of being an expensive visit, Ibiza has proved to be the cheapest and best area so far. 
Glorious Classics
Planes Flying Over Our Anchorage To Ibiza Airport.

        Our routine was to get up at 0800, have a swim and leisurely breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and squirrel food (muesli). We would up anchor at about 1100 ready for the mid-day wind, sail a couple of hours exploring the coast then drop anchor again. Another swim and snacks followed by a siesta. Up anchor at about 1600 again, sail off and then drop anchor in another Cala at about 1900 hrs followed by another swim, solar shower (black bag), BBQ and drinks. Toast the sunset and then retire with the Ibiza music drum beat in the back ground from the shore or other boats in the bay. We finished off this time in Cala Yondal (for the airport run) surrounded by magnificent yachts and motor boats with Velsheda amongst them. We were to discover that Cala Yondal is where the rich and famous party; until we arrived that is!!  Cala Yondal was only a short taxi ride from the airport for collecting Louise and also visiting Ibiza Town.
Classic British Yacht Anchored In Cala Yondal.
Another Ibizan Sunset
Morning View From The Beach Across The Anchorage.
Our Dingy At The Moet And Chandon Beach Bar And Nightspot.
Guy with The Beautiful People.
The British Registered 'Tugboat' Bystander And Her Dingy!!

     We continued our routine exploring around the west coast of Ibiza over the next few days before returning to Formentera for Guy’s birthday. The weather was wonderful as we stayed in Cala de Port Roig, sailed all around Isla Vedra & Isla Vedranell which were used for the backdrop of ‘Bali Hi’ in the musical film ‘South Pacific’ for all you film buffs. The whole place was stunning and magical to sail around.
Circumnavigating Ibiza, Heading Up To Isla Vedra And Vedranell.
Isla Vedra With the Ears And Vedranell The Lower Island In Front.
Navigating the Passage Between The Two Islands On Our Figure Of Eight  Exploration.
One Large Yacht Inside The Horseshoe Anchorage Of Vedranell.
Guy Pleased As Punch In Yet Another Glorious Anchorage.
SY Velsheda, Without Her Tugboat.

       We anchored off Isla Espalmador to celebrate Guy’s birthday and what a place to celebrate! Stunning, laid back and wonderful. That is if you can block out the hundreds of other boats of all shapes and sizes. Thankfully the motorboats, which are in the majority and fully staffed, all seem to disappear at about 1900, no doubt back to the marinas to party all night leaving the anchorages to the yachties to enjoy in peace. Excellent. We explored the Isla and then returned to K2 to enjoy an excellent BBQ and rest in the hammock watching yet another sunset. Happy days.
Birthday Boy With A Celebratory Beer.
Beach Anchorage Between Formentera And Island Of Espalmador.
Beach Orchids
Visitors Additions To The Flora And Fauna!
Guy Setting Out Across The Causeway To Espalmador.
'Bond' On The Return Trip.
Ginny Had The Company Of Sand Lizards While The Intrepid Explorer Was Gone.
A Relaxing Beer At The End Of Yet Another Day In Paradise.
Another Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day.


         We then had a lovely cruising chute sail up to Puerto de San Antonio on the west coast which was to become our watering and re-stock base and anchorage in bad weather. Although very much a party resort town, it was to prove fairly quiet and we soon discovered Rita’s Cantina, which provided excellent food and free wifi all at very good prices. There were plenty of shops, laundry and bank facilities with a good dingy landing spot to help us. We used the marina to fill up with water. You have to be well organized as it costs €9 for K2 per 1/2 hour. We are now experts at filling the water tanks (400 ltrs) and washing the boat down very quickly within 30 minutes!
Chasing A Spanish Yacht Off  The Setting For South Pacific  Film.
Just Love That Roller reefing Cruising Chute
A Typical Ibiza Sunset.

         Watered and stocked up, we decided to sail round Ibiza in a clockwise direction following our usual routine of investigating all likely anchorages an then choosing a suitable one for lunch, a swim or the night. Our first main stop was Puerto San Miguel, we visited Cala Portinatx, stayed overnight in Cala Charraca, then round the northern top and down to Isla Tagomago on the east coast were we stayed for 2 nights.  The scenery was fascinating, wild and underdeveloped. the rocks, headlands and cliff face formations very interesting as we followed that 20m depth contour line around mainly under sail. Tagomago Island was a wonderful Robinson Crusoe location with only one very fancy house on it. We completed the circuit of Ibiza with a night in Cala Llonga before a motor around the harbour of Ibiza Town. While returning to Formentera, we managed to pick up some fishing net on the prop which Guy had to cut away once at anchor. We completed the circumnavigation with a windy sail around Formentera before returning to the nightlife of Cala Yondall!
Me Thinks Capt Needs A Shave?
A Speed Boat Rushes Through The Arch Of Margarittas Island.
Stunning Ibiza Coastal Scenery.
Not a Hotel In Sight.
Anchored In Porto San Miguel.
Porto San Miguel From West.
Porto San Miguel From East.
Just Loved The Sign.
Can You Go NudeWithout A Dog
Queen Victoria Rock
Rising Sun - The Biggest Private Yacht.
453ft & 84 Private Cabins.
Sea Side Rock Lighthouse! North East Ibiza.
Another Secluded Lunch Anchorage.
Crocodile Rock! North Ibiza.
Fascinating Rock Formations - Ignore Guy!
Tagomago Island Cliffs
Tagomago Island Anchorage.
Tagomago Island & Only House.
Tagomago Island Cafe.
Tagomago Island - Also Known As Dolphin Island.
Ibiza Fort & Church Tower.
Ibiza Old Town From Harbour.
Formentera Lighthouse.
Formentera Jurassic Coastline.

Club La Tropicana
Salsa At Club Tropicana
A British Classic.
Captain Freeing The Prop Of Fishing Net!

New Hammock Net Darling?

       We had made contact with Bert Velthuis who was a good friend of Guy’s father from Malawi Tea Planter days. We travelled up to San Antonio again and he and Anneke came to meet us at Rita’s and take us off for a day in the interior of the island near Santa Gertrudis. They live in an old rural house and we had wonderful time sitting on the ‘kondi’ in the shade and talking over old times and memories.We were given a tour of the estate and tales of their life in rural Ibiza. Anneke’s cousin and partner, Francois and Diane, who were staying joined us and we were soon all involved in several games of Liar Dice well into the night! Bert was soon calling Guy, John, his fathers name as they relived days at the ‘club’ in the same pursuit.
Guy At Villa Velthuis.
Thats Not Tea Bert! Awful Pruning!!
Give A Guy A Green.
A Great Game Of Liar Dice.
Mulanje Days All Over Again.

       Back in San Antonio we restocked for Louise’s visit and set off back to Yondal for the ‘airport run’. From the Cala Yondal anchorage you can watch the comings and goings of flights into Ibiza. With Louise aboard and a rather rolly night we were prepared for a bit of a windy and damp week, ( it hadn’t rained for over 3 months in Ibiza!). We sailed most of the week and visited several anchorages without going ashore. Still swimming every day sometimes under grey skies but lovely and refreshing. The rain came eventually and we had a thundery shower and sailed with reduced visibility and hiding under the sprayhood. Just like sailing in UK in summer!! This was the first real rainstorm we had had this year. Despite the weather we sailed around Ibiza and visited some new anchorages and added to the sunset picture collection. With a beach day on Formentera to close the holiday we then had a ‘Culture Day’ the day Louise was flying out and visited Ibiza Town/City.
Fish Attacking The Bread Display For Louise.
Louise Brings Big Bertha Weather From UK!
Still Together After 16 Months On Board K2.
Another Ibiza Sunset.
Round Bali Hi Island Again.
Bali Hi Island & Classic Yacht.
Could Be In The Pacific Islands!
Not Another Bloody Ibiza Sunset.
Our First Days Rain In 3 Months.
Thanks Louise.

Bookends At The Back Of Kisti Two.
Ibiza Port & Cathedral.
Guy Loving Another Day Of Rain & F6.
Louise Enjoying An Ibiza Sunset.

      A taxi ride took us into Ibiza and set us down under the Dalt Vila, old town, walls. Armed with maps and guided walks (from Ginny’s essential visit to Tourist Information!) we explored the gates, streets, alleys and very complete walls and bastions of this unique town. Much of it is well restored or preserved and is very much a living town with daily life going on all around you and wonderful views over the harbour, port and coastline plus the approaches from Formentera and the other islands.

Guy About To Enjoy More Culture! Ibiza Old Town.
Guys Moral Improved With The Lady In Red!
Oh, There You Are Ginny!
Ibiza Old Town Gate.
Ibiza Port From Old Town.
Ibiza Old Town.
Port Ibiza.
Ibiza Cathedral.
Louise At Ibiza Cathedral

      Having left Louise at the airport we returned to Yondal to a very wavy sea. Guy managed to launch the dingy in breaking waves and we braved the trip back to Kisti Two. Another trip to San Antonio to take the ‘Velthuis’ gang on a promised trip out on K2. We had a brisk sail out of the harbour and around Isla Esparto. Francois proved a very capable helmsman  and brought us safely round the headland and rocks of Esparto, the Islas Bledas and Isla Conejera. We then when into the anchorage of Cala Roig where we had a lazy, late lunch and swim. Back into the harbour after a very enjoyable day and to ferry Bert, Anneke, Francois and Diane to the quayside. A good day was had by all! 

Bert & Anneke On K2.
Francois & Diane
Burt Telling Us About Hippos On Shire River!

          Ibiza has been a wonderful discovery and should be a must visit on every yachties list. We did not see any of the Daily Mails or Suns stories of drunkenness or drugs. We loved the atmosphere and wonderful Calas all round the Island. We have viewed with interest the enormous motorboats from all nationalities race around at great speed, have crew provide for every need, light up the night and sea with every colour of light possible, play the loudest music, roar around in their tenders bigger than K2, play with motorized toys of all varieties from sea scooters, underwater propellors and jet skies, have 50’’ TV screens on and all look thoroughly bored afterwards as they sit around playing with their mobile phones or tablets. While the yachties bimble around slowly with bikini clad beauties spread around the deck, party in the dark drinking and singing and generally seem to be happier with only an anchor light on at the top of the mast. Oh well, it takes all...... We certainly are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and Ibiza is a must destination which the pictures clearly show. Long live the Ibiza beat which has been well drummed into our heads. We now move on to Majorca for a couple of months were more friends will join us. 

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