Friday, 8 July 2016

Vliho To Argostoli, 27 June - 9 July 2016.

Vliho To Abelike Bay On Meganisi Island. 27 - 29 June. 

          We departed Vliho after a good resupply and bumped into Gilly And John on "Riverdancer" being towed into Vliho after having an argument with someones anchor chain. They were about to be lifted out to repair the prop-shaft. We hope all is well and look forward to meeting up in Crete.

Departing Vliho.
         Kisti Two motored round to Abelike Bay where we were to remain for a couple of days relaxing and visiting Vathi by foot from our anchorage. This period was one of relaxation, swimming and generally enjoying ourselves. There were NO WASPS this year!!

Kisti Two Anchored In Abelike Bay.
Ginny In Vathi On Meganisi.
Guy Loading The Shopping At Abelike Pier.
Peace And Tranquillity In Abelike Bay.

Abelike Bay, Meganisi To Kastos Island. 29 June 2016.

       We regretfully departed Abeliki but headed off to a couple of our favourite locations, Port Leone and Kastos. It was a calm morning so motored round to Port Leone via the Papa Nikolis Cave and the long elephants trunk of Meganisi on down to Kefali and then on eastwards to Kalamos Island. 

Papa Nikolis Cave.
Papa Nikolis Cave.
The Tip Of Meganisi, Kefali.
The Meganisi Gap On The South East Corner.  Looking At Kefali And Kithros Island.
        We love Port Leone where we enjoyed lunch and a swim. We then headed north between Kalamos and Kastos Islands before rounding Kastos Island and heading south to anchor for the evening and another swim in our private bay just south of the windmill.

Anchored In Port Leone For Lunch And Swim.
Early Morning At Our Kastos Anchorage.

Exploration Of Ithaca Island 29 June - 1 July 2016.
     It was time now to head onto new territory so we headed off to the Island Of Ithaca to find an anchorage for the night. After a wonderful sail across, the wind suddenly picked up to  Force 6/7 so we briefly looked at the ports of Frikes and Kioni before heading on south to Vathi where we were to spend an enjoyable couple of days and windy nights.

Frikes On North East Corner Of Ithaca Island.
Kioni Harbour.
The Three Windmills At The Entrance To Kioni Bay.

       Vathi is a wonderful open bay with plenty of anchorage space and quayside positions. It is however susceptible to the prevailing strong north westerlies which can create for an uncomfortable night and the need for sound anchoring skills. It is well stocked with shops, restaurants and tavernas all of which provide excellent viewing for the various anchoring skils of yachts which frequently get tangled up with each other.

Vathi On Ithaca.
Guy Feels A Siesta Coming On!!
Vathi Town And Bay.
Vathi Quay. Can You Spot Ginny??
Vathi Bay Anchorage And Quayside Restaurants.

Back To Kastos To Escape The Vathi Winds! 2 - 3 July 2016.

        We motored round from Vathi with the intention of anchoring overnight in Pighadi Bay. Ginny dropped the anchor, we enjoyed a few swims and lunch when as usual, the wind picked up off the land and forced us to modify our plan. We now decided to beat a hasty retreat to Kastos, as we knew it would be safe from the strong north westerlies.

Departing Vathi Bay.
The Church At Vathi Bay Entrance.
Skhoinos Bay, Great Anchorage And Swimming Spot.
       We started off with just the Genoa for Atoko Island and made good speed in the swell and strong wind which suddenly died down. After a cup of tea and Busy Bee Fruit cake from Malta, Guy decided to put up the main with orders from Ginny to include at least on reef which he reluctantly did. No sooner were we off again under main with one reef and Genoa when the wind decided to blow F7 and Guy was soon forced into a second reef. We whizzed along doing 9 knots through the water and a maximum SOG (Speed Over Ground) of 8.5 Knots in the usual confused and high swell of the Med. It was a glorious adrenaline rush which Guy enjoyed being splashed while at the wheel and Ginny endured heroically. We reached Kastos and all was calm as usual. We were to enjoy a couple of relaxed days again in Kastos.

Anchored Outside Kastos.
Ginny Overlooking Kastos Bay Anchorage.
One Of Our Favourites. Kastos Bay At Sunset.
Kastos Port, Windmill And Village.
Can't Get Much Better Than This? Kastos Pub And Port.
Departing Kastos Without A Drop Of Wind. Almost Chinese Or Hong Kong?

Exploring Fiscardho Area On Cephalonia, 4 - 5 July 2016.

          All good things come to an end. We motored off from a windless Kastos and headed off to Fiskardho, the northern tip of Cephalonia where we came up trumps again. We had a brief look in Fiscardho but Guy was reminded of the spoilt brats that haunt Salcombe in England with several large Gin Palaces anchored in the bay and jet skis rushing around that he immediately decided to leave.

Fiscardho Entrance On Cephalonia Island.
Fiscardho, The Salcombe Of The Ionian!
        A few hundred meters around the corner, we discovered a most beautiful anchorage looking like something from Norway so decided to drop the hook and then later tied up to the shore. We enjoyed a most peaceful afternoon before suddenly being invaded by a 'Sailing Holidays' group charter of 20 yachts. Having said that, they (Brits) were all very quiet and created no problems.  We had our private pool and an enormous cave to explore. 

Our Swimming Pool!
Kisti Two Tied To The Shore A Bay Down From Fiscardho.

Guy On Kisti Two.
Some Beers Reach The Parts Other Beers Will Never?
Ginny Enjoying Her Beer On The Deck Lounger.
Guy Enjoying Reading The Fallout Of Politicians After The Brexit Vote.
"Am I Bothered"
The Peaceful Anchorage Then 'Sailing Holidys' Charter Arrived!!
So Peaceful. Kisti Two Tied To The Shore.
        We went round by foot to explore Fiskardho and a very attractive village it is, but, to Guy it was still Salcombe in Greece. We did however have a most wonderful meal and it was just as well we had a 20 minute walk back to our anchorage beach before rowing back to Kisti Two to walk off some of the meal. There were plenty of lovely upmarket shops, restaurants and bars, so if you like to hang out with the rich and famous, this is probably the place to visit. It is a lovely place, but we were happy to escape to our anchorage each night.

The Colours Of Fiscardo.
Fiscardo Port And Waterside Restaurants.
Run Ashore Time. Kisti Two Very Safe Behind Us.
Could Be Scotland? Fiscardo Anchorage.
Came Back To Find The Australian Catamaran Centre, 2 Metres From Our Bow When We Returned !!
They Later Bumped Our Anchor Chain At 0300Hrs And Were Asked To Move - Politely!
Dinner In Fiscardo. Caramelised Lamb And Stuffed Grilled Squid.
The Stunning Fiscardo Anchorage.
The Venetian Lighthouse Outside Fiscardo.

Western Passage Around Cephalonia To Argostoli 6 July 2016.

      We left our delightful anchorage of Fiscardho and decided to go around the western side of Cephalonia to Argostoli to the south. The highlight of our day was going into Assos. This is a wonderful quiet small port with an enormous Venetian Castle on the west and a quaint village on the east. We would have stayed except for a predicted strong winds. It is a must for another day.

Approaching Assos On West Coast Of Cephalonia.
Assos And Venetian Fort.
Assos Harbour. Bliss.
Assos Venetian Fort.
Departing Assos.
         We left Assos and headed round to another fascinating bay on the west coast called Atheras which looks as though it has been untouched for a hundred years! We dropped the hook and enjoyed a quick swim and lunch before moving on again.

Not The White Cliffs Of Dover, But Cephalonia.
Entrance To Atheras Bay On The West Coast Of Cephalonia. 
Rustic Charm Of Atheras Bay.
Swim Time In Atheras Bay.
        We were to enjoy several wonderful white beaches with crystal clear turquoise water on our route down, one of which had an enormous catamaran quietly anchored in privacy from everyone except us!! We continued our trip round the South West corner of Cephalonia before heading north around into Argostoli where we tied up to the quay.

One Of Many White Sandy Bays Due To Cliff Fall, West Coast Of Cephalonia.
Just Love The Colour Of The Sea.
83' Catamaran Hidden In A Secret Bay Until We Came Along!
Lighthouse SW Corner Of Cephalonia.
The Doric Style Lighthouse To Argostoli Bay.
Doric Style Lighthouse On Approach To Argostoli.

Argostoli, Cephalonia 6 - 9 July 2016.

        Argostoli was much better than we expected so we hid here for 3 nights safely away from some strong late afternoon wind blows. We took the opportunity to restock, write this blog and plan ahead a little. We were surrounded by turtles all day who are very much a part of this bay. Argostoli is well worth a visit with plenty of spaces to tie up on the quay or anchor in the bay. There is an abundance of supermarkets and a lovely main street to cater for the ladies shopping needs! Guy was not worried as the Compass Bar, 20 metres from Kisti Two, provided wonderful cold beer, a pint for 3 Euros waitered on by charming girls.

Ginny Walking The Plank At Argostoli.
Kisti Two Tied Up Along The Quay At Argostoli.
A Wonderful Fishing Boat.
Turtle Of Argostoli.
Argostoli Turtle Having A Breather.
Guy Wants Eyes Like That For Kisti Two.
I Say, Mines A Pint Of 'Mythos'!!
Vegetable Market In Argostoli
Just Love The Colour Of All This 'Untainted By Supermarket ' Fruit And Vegetables.
Argostoli Church.
The Argostoli Walkway Across The Bay.
Seagull On Top Of Argostoli Obelisk.
Argostoli Church Interior. 

        We now depart Argostoli for the Island of Zakinthos and then head on down the Peloponnese  coastline. New waters, winds and seas. Such fun. We have to be on Crete by the end of the month to meet up with brother Alan, not a monk but my actual brother and his partner Liz. Look forward to it.