Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Return Dash East From Poros To Kos. 21 June - 3 July 2017.

The Return Sail Back To Kos Via The Cyclades And The Dodecanese Before The Next Meltemi Blow.

         The forecasters were predicting another short rest from the strong Meltemi winds and choppy seas for a few days so we decided that we had to quickly head back East in order to get back to Kos where our friend Martin from Weymouth was due to meet up with us on 4 July. It was to be another 9 days of hard sailing, early starts, stunning scenery and hot weather during which we were to complete 320 NM in a week. Guy was delighted to be on the move and putting in the miles again and as always Kisti Two proved more than up to the challenge.

The 9 Overnight Stops For The Route Back East To Kos.
1.   21 - 22 June 2018, Russian Bay To Fikiadha Bay, Kithnos Island.

      We departed Russian Bay just outside Poros at 0545 hrs to a stunning sunrise and calm seas. We raised the sails at 0700 hrs as we turned eastwards but as normal the wind dropped and we soon reverted to the iron Genoa motoring in lovely sunshine.  We were joined by several dolphins again which are always a delight off the island of Georgios with all its wind generators. As usual, the Greek wind ministry switched on a F3 at mid-day which allowed us to raise the sails again. We dodged much traffic commercial traffic heading North/South as we cruised eastward to Kithnos Island. We eventually anchored in the stunning Fikiadha Bay at 1540 hrs. It is such a stunning anchorage that we decided to stay 2 nights and spent a glorious 22 June exploring the beach and restaurants. We love this spot and it is definitely one of our all time favourite anchorages.

The 56NM Route From Poros To Kithnos 21 June 2018.
21 June. Departing Poros From Russian Bay At 0545 Hrs.
Wind Generators On Georgios Island.
Safely Anchored In Fikiadha Bay, Sunset Drinks.
Anchored Yachts In Fikiadha Bay. Simply Stunning.
Guy And Ginny Exploring Fikiadha Bay.
Ginny With The Western Anchorage At Fikiadha Bay.
Kisti Two Anchored In The Eastern Bay Of Fikiadha With The Sandy Beach Dividing The Two.
The Sandy Beach Splitting The Two Anchorages With The White Taverna On The Hillside.
Looking South Along Kithnos Island.
Ginny On The White Sand Beach.
Guy Dressed Up For The Taverna, Greek Style.
Simply Purrrrrfect! Kisti Two Peacefully At Anchorage In The Eastern Bay.
Looking Towards The Western Bay From The Restaurant.
Aaahhhhh, Beer Time.
Sunset Over Western Bay.
What A Gorgeous Setting For Dinner.

2.  23 - 25 June 2018,  Kithnos Island To Paros Island Via Siros, Mikonos And Rinia Islands. 

         We had to leave Kithnos Island unfortunately, but took the opportunity in light winds to explore its west coast in detail before heading across to Siros Island where we again explored the west coast and various anchorages for the future.  We were accompanied by Dolphins towards Siros Island. Finikas Bay on the west coast of Siros Island looked lovely for an overnight stop but we continued east and eventually settled for the night after 49nm in Varis Bay on the south east corner. It is an excellent sheltered anchorage with a quiet rather tired town. We departed Siros Island at 0800 hrs and motored across to Mikonos Island but again decided not to stay due to all the motorboats. We raised the Genoa and took the opportunity to sail past the ancient City of Delos in the narrow channel between Delos and Rinia Islands. We sailed round to Miso Bay where we found a most comfortable and peaceful anchorage after 41nm. After a lovely swim in clear waters, we departed Rinia Island at 1100 hrs on Sunday 25th June and sailed under Genoa only southwards to Paros Island again. We were to witness a feeding frenzy by tunas cornering fish and the sea birds joining in by capturing the stunned fish. After 16 slow and gentle nautical miles, we anchored in the NW corner of Naouisis Bay where we enjoyed some swims and a walk along the beach.

The Route From Kithnos To Siros, Mikonos, Delos, Rinia And Paros Islands.
23 - 25 June 2018.
Flamboriou Bay, West Coast Kithnos Island.
Mavriana Bay, West Coast Kithnos Island.
Greek Orthodox Church, Dhimitriou Bay, West Coast Kithnos Island.
Dolphins On The Bow.

Dolphin To Port.
Dolphin To Starboard.
A Pair Of Dolphins On The Bow.
Finikas Bay, West Coast Of Siros Island.
Finikas Harbour Wall. Siros Island.
Mikonos Island Surrounded By Power Boats, Noise And Rich Men's Toys.
Mikonos Island Developments.
Ancient City Of Delos On Delos Island.
Delos Ancient City.
Genoa Sailing Between Delos And Rinia Islands.
Anchored In The Stunning Bay Of Miso On Rinia Island.
Miso Bay Anchorage, Rinia Island.
Fish Feeding Frenzy.

3.  26 - 27 June 2018,  Paros Island To Astipalaia Island Via Iraklia, Skhinousa, Andikaros And Amorgos  Islands.

       We departed the peace of Paros Bay at 0900 on Monday morning, 26 June and motored out of the bay and then headed south between Paros and Naxos Islands dodging the various high speed ferries which were doing over 24 knots! The wind was again switched on at 1200 hrs which enabled us to pull out the Genoa and enjoy a calm sail with the wind behind. The wind surprisingly died on us at 1400 hrs, so it was back to the iron Genoa which then gave us the opportunity to explore in close detail the islands of Iraklia, Skhinousa and finally Andikaros. Unfortunately, someone had already grabbed the only anchorage on Andikaros so we decided to head for Paradisia bay on the west of Amorgos Island. The wind suddenly picked up so we abandoned this plan and headed under sail and motor as quickly as possible to Kalotiri Bay half way up the west coast to escape the awful swell. After a hard 2 hour slog, we anchored in the quiet sheltered bay and enjoyed a good swim after 52 NM.

      We arose early on Tuesday 27 June to make a quick dart to Astipalaia Island before the expected strong afternoon wind and swell was forecast to arrive. We were around the notorious high cliffs on the east of Amorgos Island by 0800 and then turned south motor sailing when a strong F6 developed behind us! We used the Genoa to reduce the swell roll on Kisti Two down to Astipalaia where we went straight into Vathi Bay on the North where all was suddenly peace and calm.  It was a very quick 36 NM sail. We had a most enjoyable meal in the only Taverna in the Bay, which afforded us a wonderful view of Kisti Two anchored safely while winds blew strongly outside.  

The Route Through The Islands From Paros To Astipalaia, 26 - 27 June 2018.
Guy Enjoying Gentle Following Winds Sailing With The Genoa Between Paros And Naxos Islands. 
Exploring Skhinousa Island.
Exploring Karos Island.
Italians Anchored In Andikaros Island. No Room For Us.
Anchored safely In Kalotiri Bay, Amorgos Island.
North Coast Of Amorgos Island.
East Coast Of Amorgos Island.
South East Tip Of Amorgos Island.
Entering Vathi Bay On Astipalaia Island.
Guy At The Restaurant With Kisti Two Anchored Off.
A Wonderful And Safe Bay In A Storm. 
Kisti Two From The Restaurant.

4.  28 - 29 June,  Astipalaia Island To Kos Via Palon On Nisiros Island.

        We had no weather report but knew the weather was closing in so decided to make a final dash east towards Kos on 28 June. We started off at 0500 hrs and were soon on a beam reach with a F4 pushing us along at great speed. We motor sailed with just the Genoa to make it more comfortable in the big swell and were racing across at well over 7 knots. We were amazed that about 10 dolphins joined us for several minutes and despite the large swell, they put on a wonderful performance. We were very relieved to be tied up again in the calm of Palon Harbour which has now become a favourite of ours.  You get to learn your favourite refuge spots very quickly in the Med and they become essential knowledge as safe haven backups.

     It had been very hot of late with several days around 40C. The fridge had again suffered under the heat and was no longer working. With repairs required, a long strong Meltemi predicted and Martin to meet in Kos on 4 July, we decided to make the final push to Kos as soon as possible. We left the tranquillity of Palon Harbour and were soon on a beam reach heading for the eastern corner of Kos. We were soon in the safety of Kos Marina at the far end on F Pontoon. 

    It had been a hard 9 days dash eastwards to Kos during which we completed 320 NM in some strong winds and swell. The time in Kos Marina would give us time to rest, wash, re-stock, hide from an awful Meltemi blow and most off all get the fridge fixed. The temperature was over 40C in the marina despite the strong winds. Ice cream became the order of the day.

The Route From Astipalaia To Kos Via Palon Harbour On Nisiros.
Palon Harbour.
Going Around The North East Corner Of Kos.
Kos Marina In The Background.

Ice Cream Thief At Work.