Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dartmouth To Falmouth

     We had a couple of days rest in Dartmouth enjoying the evenings sunsets and visiting friends. A memorable visit was to Robert & Sunil who have a lovely house at the top of Stoke Gabriel up the River Dart. We enjoyed a dip in the Hot Tub to ease aching joints and then were entertained to an exhilarating ride in Roberts Renault 'Twizzi', an electric F1 Go-cart ideal for the narrow lanes of Devon.

Dartmouth Sunset.
On Visitors Pontoon With Kingswear In Background.
Ginny Being Twizziled!
Stoke Gabriel From Robert & Sunils House.
    We set off early from Dartmouth on Tue 21 May 13 and it was not long before the wind and waves picked up. We soon had a reef in the main followed by a second and as always the wind was coming from where we wanted to go so we had to put in a few tacks to get to Fowey, a total of 69nm and taking just under 12 hours. As a matter of interest, we are flying 3 flags on our starboard shroud, the first is the self designed (now torn) Royal Gurkha Rifles Sailing Association burgee. We have been the only members to date although I believe James Birch has now also joined so he can be the Commodore! The second flag is the Cruising Association we have joined and the lowest is the Dorset Flag.
Our Flags!
 RGRSA, CA & Dorset.
Ginny At The Helm - All Smiles.
     The wind was from the North West, very cold and blustery blowing from F4 - F6. This meant the oilies had to come out for a good airing. The yellow pocket has a personnel locating beacon using AIS should one of us fall off! Lets hope not. There were naval live firing excersises going on in the bay and a submarine suddenly popped up behind us off Plymouth and then stormed away at great speed followed by several low flying jets. Don't panic!!

Guy Enjoying The Stiff Breeze.
All Wrapped Up Looking Forward To The Med Warmth.
Where Did That Sub Come From? 
   We tied up to a buoy in Fowey Harbour and then enjoyed a well earned meal and drink while watching another lovely sunset. We then collapsed exhausted to sleep as the wind died down. We awoke early and headed off again before the Harbour Master arrived to charge us for the nights stay on the buoy. Part of the great game played by yachties and Harbour Masters all over. Score 1 - 1 at present.
Fowey Sunset.
Fowey At 0630 hrs.
Skipper Enjoying His Brew Having Beaten The Harbour Master.
It was a very gentle sail round to Falmouth and gave us time to rest and recover from the previous days challenge. The mackerel fish did not bite, we were doing 6 knots! A bit fast unless they were Olympian mackerel. We passed a few boats including a lovely old pilot yacht. It was lovely to see St Anthony's Lighthouse at the River Fal entrance as the wind picked up again. A few tacks up river and we were soon tied up at the Visitors Pontoon where we are staying until this low blows through, probably Saturday. Time for a bit of admin, shopping, laundry and meeting up with more friends before the big push south to France across the English Channel.

Gentle Sail Round To Falmouth.
Galley Slave With Another Brew.
A Lovely Pilot Yacht Passing Bye.
A Plate Full Of Roast Beef.
A Very Happy Skipper!
All Smiles.
Well Done Chef.