Thursday, 30 May 2013


We are about to complete our 5th night in Camaret due to strong winds, rain and big seas. The shopkeepers now know Ginny by name! Plenty of time to catch up on domestic chores, admin and plan the next passage through the Raz De Sein, another notorious shortcut. Such fun..... life goes on.

Cap't Considering The Weather Forecast
Forties Mug And Rockall Mat!

Plenty of  Time For Domestic Duties
Laundry And Ironing 

La Belle Etoile Ready For Trips Around The Bay.
Lovely German Barge
Old Boat At Low Tide On Legs 
Seagull With Starfish Supper As We Head Into Town For Ours.
We went for our first meal to celebrate being in France and defeat the strong winds and rain. It had to be Moules ( Just to annoy Zoe! ). We even dressed up for the occasion.
Moules Frites And A Nice Bottle Of Local Cider
All Finished Cap't, Delicieuse!
Pointe Du Toulinguet And Pen Hat Beach
It was very windy on Thursday with 25 kt winds and a rough sea so we decided to go for a long walk. Stunning beaches, amazing German WW2 fortifications, a small museum, memorial anchors, monuments, great views and an ancient stone circle all made for a most enjoyable stroll. We enjoyed a lovely picnic as well, well it had to be a baguette, cheese and red plonk. Enjoyed watching a couple of yachts struggle manfully in the wind and waves. Oh well, no rush.......

Shear Drop From Fortifications At Pointe De Pen Hir
Museum Of The Battle For The Atlantic And Anchor Graveyard
Representing Boats Sunk And French Crew Lost
Guy On Fortifications Looking Back To Pointe De Toulinguet
Breton WW2 Monument
To The Battle Atlantique
Four Of The Tas De Pois Off The Pointe De Pen Hir
We Have Sailed Between The Last Two Previously!
Will Have To Do It Again.
Picnic Spot Sheltering From The Force 5 Gusty Winds
Guys Feet Resting After The French Picnic
For The Archaeologist In The Family!
The Menhirs ( Ancient Standing Stones )

Some Very Colourful Fauna
Small Orchids In The Grass Around
The Standing Stones

Another Sunset Or Two.

One For Jane!
Another Superb Virginie Gourmet Meal.

All set for Friday. Hopefully we will make it round to Morgat in the Baie De Douarnenez where we may anchor for a couple of nights., weather permitting. We may not have wifi so that's all for a couple of days folk's. Have a great weekend. Now for a glass of Port to finish the day - Thanks Joe.