Monday, 3 June 2013

Camaret To Benodet

      Hi and bonjour everyone. We are now very settled into the French pace of life, much slower than UK. We departed Camaret early on Fri 31 May and enjoyed a wonderful 44 nm sail to Morgat. We motored through the various rocks round the corner and then tried some fishing but the mackerel did not want to play. The wind picked up and we sailed into the Baie de Douarnenez due east on the track below. We sailed close into Douarnenez town on the south east corner of the bay then turned around and tacked our way back due north west (the zig zags) back to Morgat where we anchored up beside Dalhanna of Lymington, a HR 39. Guy was shattered after an exhilarating sail but Tony & Andrea had invited us for drinks which could not be missed. We joined them quickly with Tony taking on the water taxi duty for the night. It was very pleasant sitting in glorious sunshine in a wonderful anchorage with beautiful scenery all around after a wonderful days sail. 

The Route From Camaret To Morgat (end of zig zags)
& Then From Morgat via Raz De Sein To Benodet
Departing Camaret
You Can Breath Now Ginny, We Are Through The Rocks!
Tony Picking Us Up For Drinks

     Tony and Andrea departed early leaving us to enjoy the anchorage alone while we opted for a rest day.  Ginny wanted to visit Morgat so Guy pumped up the dinghy and we went across to a virtually deserted town. Obviously not the French Holiday season yet. We shopped for supplies then had a very wet trip back to Kisti Two as the wind had picked up to F5.

Pumping Up The Dinghy.
Anchor Ball, Not UFO Above Guys Head!

Ginny At Morgat Beach. K2 Anchored In The Distance
   The sun warmed up and we were isolated so we lazed in the cockpit au natural. Guy was suddenly disturbed by a rapidly approaching speedboat. We immediately realised it was the French Customs whereupon Ginny somersaulted down the companionway into the saloon leaving Guy trying to put on his shorts while rapidly getting twisted with his undies jumping about in the cockpit doing an egg and sack race impersonation with shorts half way down. How embarrassing but caused much hilarity all round. Guy was then quizzed in great detail about having Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kosovo stamped in his passport by one very stunning French lady. All was well, all papers OK and they soon departed with much laughter. How embarrassing to be caught with your trousers down after 35 years in the British Army by French Customs of all people!!! 'Stupid man' as Ginny would say.

What We Thought Was A Secluded Anchorage
With Closed Chateau On The Hill
And Those Are Blue Fenders!!

    We departed the anchorage early on Sun 2 Jun and headed for the Raz De Sein to catch the slack water at mid-day. There was no wind so we motored to arrive at the correct time at this notorious spot. It turned out to be a doddle and quite calm. Interestingly 5 yachts came round together and 3 of them were Rassy's. We had some light wind round the corner so the cruising chute was deployed and we managed a sail all the way south east to Point Du Penmarc'h. The wind failed and the tide turned against us so it was the iron genoa all the way to Benodet. After 66 nm, we moored at St Marine on the western side at a lovely spot opposite a beautiful small village.

Morgat Marina
A Peaceful Raz De Sein
Mooring At Benodet At St Marine
St Marine And Benodet Entrance
Bon Nuit

We plan to try a cycle ride tomorrow after seat adjustments and the on to the Isles De Glenan on Wed. The weather is warming up at long last so BBQ meat has been pourchased. Next report from Concarneau in a few days.