Saturday, 22 June 2013

Vannes, Morbihan, La Trinite & La Roche Bernard

    Kisti Two headed through the islands and strong tides of Morbihan on 17 June. The area is a complicated tidal challenge and as there was not much wind, it was the iron Genoa that took us up all the way inland to Vannes where we met up again with Dalhanna. We moored right at the top of the canal just outside the walled city below the St Vincent town gate to the ancient entrance gate to Vannes.

Guy Navigating With Great Caution Through Morbihan Waters
Tied Up In Vannes In Time For A Beer!
Kisti Two Tied Up In Vannes
    After a quick lunch on board, we dashed off for a most enjoyable visit of the buildings of Vannes. The Cathedral was most impressive as well as the old buildings in the walled town. It was a damp day but great to walk around and take in some culture and avoid the shops!

Vannes Cathedral St Pierre
A few Of The Many Wonderful Old Buildings Of Vannes
The Lingerie Shop Sign!
Lovely Old Narrow Streets And Buildings
Joe In The Museum!
The Castle De L'Hermine 
The Washouse
The Prefecture Building
      After being woken up with intruders on our yachts (neighbours and others) we decided to leave Vannes on the 18th June. As a precaution, Guy now keeps a Lewmar winch handle close to hand and any future unwelcome visitor's will receive the 'Lewmare Star'! The shape that goes into the winch. It was a most enjoyable motor through Morbihan again and on to La Trinite Marina.

Departing Vannes Down The Canal
Sunset At La Trinite Marina
     The whole of the Morbihan area is an archaeologist dream location. The richness and significance of the concentration of megaliths of all kinds, particularly menhirs and dolmens, are a source of constant wonder. Secrets are still being revealed of the Neolithic civilisations who lived here between 5000 and 2000 BC. We sailed past several islands with tumuli and standing stones visible from the water.

An Ancient Neolithic Cairn On Isle De Gavrinis, Morbihan
Guy With Archaeological Map Admiring The Alignments Of Stones Near Carnac
The Alignments Of Stones, Over 4000 Menhirs Erected Between 5000 & 2000 BC
In Rows Over 4 km In Lines
Guy (The Hobbit) Coming Out Of A Tumulus, An Ancient Burial Mound
Part Of The Alignment Of Stones
     The visit on bike to the stones and Carnac was great fun and very interesting. The silicon breast implant now covering Guys bicycle seat worked a treat and the 'castrator' is no more. We returned to La Trinite which is famous for its high speed trimarans, Sodebo being a perfect example.
Trimaran At la Trinite
     Kisti Two departed La Trinite early on 20 June and decided to set sail for the River Vilane due to inclement weather spreading in and that it was described in all the pilot books as being stunning, relaxed, cheaper and not to be missed. It was a wonderful days sail of 40 nm which included going through a lock before settling for the night well inland at La Roche-Bernard were we are now located for another night. There are strong winds predicted for the next 3 days so will venture further up river tomorrow to Redon. The scenery is stunning and pace of life wonderfully slow. 

Early Departure From La Trinite
Guy Enjoying The Confusion In The Lock On La Vilaine
A Lovely Yacht Called 'Zoe' At La Roche-Bernard
Sailing On The La Vilaine River