Wednesday, 3 July 2013

La Roche Bernard - Ile D'Yeu

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at La Roche-Bernard which is a delightful old town with a small harbour full of old boats up a creek along the quayside behind the large rock - la Roche. We enjoyed going into a lovely old warehouse called Sarah B that had been turned into a pub/restaurant/theatre. We returned from a fun evening walk to find our outboard motor had been ripped of its bracket but the culprits clever wife had managed to catch it before it disappeared into the water. This resulted in a change of plans and a few more days spent on the River Vilaine.

La Roche-Bernard With Sarah B (reddish) In Background.
Guy Struggling With Wifi Outside Harbour Office

Ginny On Top Of The La Roche Rock With River Vilaine
We motored back down to the Lock at Arzal to drop off the outboard for repair then the next day decided to return up the River Vilaine to Redon, some 20 miles inland. This involved going under several bridges and through a swing bridge. We loved the slow pace and scenery of the river, no tides or depth problems! We halted overnight at a most relaxing spot on the river beside the sight of an old chateau with locals playing boule.

Under The New Bridge At La Roche Bernard

Passing The Peaceful Marina At Foleux
Marina At Foleux

Overnight Riverside Stop At Rieux
It was a beautiful misty morning over the river as we departed for our destination to the top at Redon. We were hoping to do some shopping at the market but found it closed so after a short stop turned around and headed back down river all the way to Arzal to collect the repaired engine.

Early Morning Mist On The River Vilaine
Signposts On The River/Canal Junction Near Redon
Local Fisherman On The River
We stayed overnight at Arzal and caught the early morning lock opening to head off to Pornichet. A lovely marina situated at the end of a 5 mile beach lined with large flashy modern hotels. It was quite clearly the Blackpool of France! We cycled the next day to St Nazaire to visit the submarine pens which were a large disappointment. We were delighted to see a couple of monuments, one to the Americans arriving in Europe for WW1 and the second to the British in support of the French to block the German subs. Very moving. The total cycle ride was about 30 miles long!! We returned shattered and enjoyed a meal out at the Marina Restaurant.
Back In Seawater Again
American Monument
British Monument
Submarine Pen, Now A Mooring Location
Two Of The Many Fishing Huts Along The Coast
Kisti Two departed Pornichet at about mid-day and we sailed south to Pornic which was clearly the up market town for a holiday. After delaying our entrance due to a lack of water, we safely entered and then enjoyed a marvellous walk round into town. It is well worth doing a google search of Pornic as it is really a most beautiful town full of large villas, an old Castle and an old inner harbour full of character. We fell in love with Pornic, enjoyed walks, relaxing on the beach amongst all the French students and the outside cafe culture. It was as though we had suddenly left Norther Europe and were clearly in the Southern French almost Mediterranean lifestyle. The French have all suddenly started their holidays. All prices are up including Marina fees now £30+ per day!! Ow.

Pornic In The Evening Light (2300 Hrs)
The Chateau (Bluebeard's Castle) With Pornic In Background

The Old Pornic Inner Harbour And Restaurants
Ginny With Pornic In Background
Walking Round Pornic
Guy Snoring On The Beach
It was another early departure as we headed south again this time to the Ile D'Yeu in thick fog, a swelling sea and little wind. It was a long motor to Port Joinville. The atmosphere of the island is very Greek with small white houses with red tiles and coloured shutters. All very attractive. Strong winds were forecast so we cycled around the island and visited the old castle on the western side. We returned to the boat to go out again and spend the night doing wifi at another bar! Any excuse for a beer!!

The Church And Back Streets Of Port Joinville
Guy On Bike

Le Vieux Chateau
Guy At Le Vieux Chateau

Ginny With Map At Le Vieux Chateau!
Port La Meule
After 3 lovely days on Ile D'Yeu as F5/6 winds and a large Biscay swell pass through, we plan to head off to Sables D'Olonne. We have now definitely left Brittany for the warmer area of the Vendee.

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