Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Five Go Sailing The Rias

     Zoe our daughter, her boyfriend Tom & Ginny's sister Louise arrived safely at Vigo late on Sunday night after a good flight, bus and train trip. Bags were quickly dropped off on the boat and they were soon enjoying the delights of a delicious Galician tapas a short distance from Kisti Two. It was a slow start to Monday 16 September but we were soon off for Vilagarcia due to the weather dictating the weeks plan. Strong winds to start then calmer waters later. We left at 1130 and the wind appeared on cue as normal at 1300 hrs giving us the chance to sail. The motion soon had Tom reaching for the bucket and he was to remain horizontal for the next 4 hours sailing while Zoe was sunbathing as we tacked our course northwards. The wind dropped at 1700 hrs which gave Tom a chance to take the wheel which helped speed up his recovery. A customs boat roared up behind us in a classic approach with the sun behind them. We were boarded by a very apologetic and friendly chap who filled in his form with our help and gave us a copy at the end with the comment ' One more for your collection!' Shortly after we were tied up in Vilagarcia at 1930 hrs having completed 45 NM. Not bad for a first days trip.

New Crew All Briefed Up Leaving Vigo
Louise, Zoe, Guy & Tom.
Tom At The Wheel Recovering
With Zoe & Louise Enjoying The Views.
     The 'Five' were split up on Tuesday 17 September. The two archaeologists, Zoe & Tom visited Santiago De Compostela where they clearly had a wonderful time including hugging St James The Apostle in the cathedral and more Tapas! Ginny and Louise pumped up the bikes and departed on a coastal bicycle ride leaving Guy to relax on the boat and enjoy a bit of peace.

Louise Enjoying A Quick Break And The
Views On Her Bicycle Ride.
     We all departed Vilagarcia on Wednesday 18 September at 1100 hrs with Tom loaded up with stugeron. We tried to sail but lack of wind forced a long motor south round to Ria De Pontevedra. Zoe and Tom were given plenty of rope knot instructions and tests along the way to assist with berthing and fender work. A dolphin was spied by Zoe at 1400 hrs then later on when sailing along with very light winds and Tom at the wheel, a whole school of dolphins were spotted. Guy took over the yacht, sailed towards and around them as the rest of the crew snapped away and marvelled at the wonderful sight of around 20 of them swimming around. Zoe was in heaven. We left them after about 45 minutes and were tied up in Combarro again at 1800 hrs. We met up with sailing friends Bill & Allie from 'Fallen Angel' and went for a walk through the lovely fishing village before stopping at our old restaurant for a superb tapas for 7. The charming lady proprietor gave each of us samples of 3 different types of local tipple for free so it was a very happy crew who returned to Kisti Two. 

Zoe & Tom On Dolphin Watch.
A Few Of The Dolphins Beside Kisti Two.
Two Dolphins About To Swim Under Kisti Two.
A Wonderful Experience.
  Thursday 19 September was another cultural day visiting the historical area of Pontevedra. Zoe and Tom clearly enjoyed their walk around while Ginny showed Louise all the sights. Guy needless to say went to our favourite tapas bar to reserve a table and waited for the others to complete their tours. 

The Happy Crew Go On A Culture Tour
Tom Can Smile!
Happy Days.
Statue To The Parrot Who Used To Contribute
To Political Debate In The Square.
    We departed Cambarro on Friday for the Islands and once again it wasn't long before about 50 dolphins in groups of about five were spotted all over the Ria. Guy meandered around while they put on a wonderful display and cameras snapped away to the sounds of ahhh and oohhhh. We had to leave after 45 minutes again, but due to swell and strong winds predicted overnight Kisti Two went round to anchor in Barra Bay away from the swell. Louise bravely had a swim at sunset but was not followed by the others. It was only 17C!

What A Wonderful Sight.
Such A Peaceful And Loving Face.
So Beautiful.
   On Saturday, Tom & Zoe rowed ashore in the morning. Tom went for a walk out to the headland lighthouse while Zoe had a peaceful time on the beach reading and shell hunting. She also managed a quick swim until a crab sighting forced a hasty retreat. The rest of us all had a quick swim on their return including Tom who came out quicker than he went in!! We then motored a short hop to Isla Cies where we anchored along with many others. Ginny, Louise & Tom went ashore for a long walk up to the lighthouse while Zoe and Guy relaxed on Kisti Two. We observed a speed boat drift past us dragging its anchor and another loose its tender dingy as it motored off! The final night anchored out concluded with the inevitable BBQ and the most glorious sunset. 

Ginny Swimming Above The Cold Sea!!
Zoe Rowing To The Beach
Isla St Martin From The Lighthouse Of Isla Cies
Louise Enjoying The View From Isla Cies
Isla Cies Atlantic Coast 
The BBQ!
Sunset Starts
Sunset Ends
      It was an early start on Sunday to escape the swell and return to Vilagarcia. Tom and Louise were not well so as they lay down below, Ginny and Zoe had a lovely time together chatting at the back of Kisti Two. We returned mostly under motor as there was no wind and stopped at a 'Caribbean' Island for lunch then on to Vilagarcia. Yes, the trip was to conclude with the inevitable last tapas paid for by Zoe. 

Ginny And Zoe All Smiles
At The End Of A Wonderful Week.
Guy And Louise At The Last Tapas.
   It was a most wonderful week despite a few upset tummies and seasickness. We completed 140 NM in lovely weather. We enjoyed the sea, dolphins, culture, tapas and as always wonderful Galician hospitality. It was with a very heavy heart we said our sad farewell at 0500 on Monday morning but with wonderful memories of a very successful weeks visit by our lovely daughter Zoe. Many thanks to Louise for all your help and do visit us in Portugal. Tom, keep working on that Bowline!

Zoe, One Of Our Gorgeous  Daughters.
                 Kisti Two Is Missing You Already.