Monday, 2 September 2013

Villagarcia To Vigo

        Kisti Two departed Villagarcia after 5 days rest on Friday 30 August. As usual, our detailed exploration took us round the southern part of the Ria which kept Guy on his toes avoiding the many rocks and fish farms as well as the Spanish fisherman in small rowing boats to fast trawlers. We ambled round slowly making notes of lovely spots to visit when Zoe flies out in a couple of weeks including a small remote island for her and boyfriend to visit to get way from the oldies for a bit???? 
Guy Avoiding The Viveros Again
Caribbean Island For Tom & Zoe!
       There was a little wind so we sailed gently south to enter Ria De Vigo passing the Nature Reserve Islands of Ons and Islas Cies to Starboard. We turned east into Ria De Vigo and anchored off Barra Beach which looked absolutely stunning as the sun set on Friday night.

Ensenada De Barra
Kisti Two Anchored In Barra Bay
Barra Beach. Not Many Swimming Water 16C!
Sunrise At Barra Bay 0800 hrs.

        We awoke early on Saturday and went for a dinghy exploration around the Bay. Over 100 boats, sail and speed, were to come round and anchor in the bay for the weekend. Something akin to Studland Bay on the best weekend of the year. It was great fun and a very relaxed location with plenty to watch and enjoy!

K2 Enjoying Another Day In Paradise
Ginny On Dingy Exploration
Ginny's Revenge (Guys Haircut)!
Sun Downers At Barra Bay 2130hrs.
        We went for a walk on Sunday 1 September to have a look at our next destination round the bay. As usual, there was the lighthouse to visit and another stunning beach which was a useful ice cream stop. The islands looked fantastic and we look forward to visiting them now that we have printed off the required permits in Vigo. The weather looks good for the next 3 days so should have plenty to explore and enjoy. Certain parts of the Rias have proved to be paradise.

Barra Beach
Barra Bay & Beach
A Small Patch Of Viveros That Need Careful Navigation
Ginny Viewing Our Next Destination
Islas Cies De Bayona
Spot Ginny Beside The Lighthouse On Walk!
Not Another Gorgeous Beach.
Next Destination In Background.
Barra Beach
Barra Beach

      Kisti Two reluctantly left Barra Beach and we have now completed a thorough tour of Ria De Vigo. It is very built up and has a look and feel about it of Hong Kong. Full of activity, large buildings and much transiting of large ships. Worth a recce but not high on our agenda for a return visit except for  Barra Bay and probably Bayona we have yet to explore.