Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Discovering Corfu. 17 June - 3 July 2015

 Exploring Corfu.

       We spent the 17 June to 3 July exploring the anchorages and coastline of the east coast of Corfu Island as well as a short trip to Palaiokastrita on the north west of the Island. We were fully taken in by the charm of the island and Corfu Town. The anchorages were all charming with crystal clear water, tavernas on the beach and green clad hills. We anchored  every night in several bays except for one occasion when we spent a night in Gouvia Marina mainly as a stocking up and admin exercise.

Agni Bay, NE Corfu.
Tavernas On Agni Bay, NE Corfu.
The Dream!
Corfu Town.

      Corfu Town has had several nations controlling it and the legacy is in the buildings and forts, especially those built by the Venetians and the British including a Cricket pitch in the heart of the town. We found a wonderful taverna called Marina’s Traditional Taverna in a narrow street that produced Malawi Piri Piri Roasted Feta cheese which was delicious. There was a wonderful charm and atmosphere about Corfu town and we look forward to more visits.

Corfu Town With Old And New Forts. North Approach.
Corfu Town Old Venetian Fort With Mandraki Harbour
 And Masts In Poiath Yacht Club.
Corfu Town Old Venetian Fort From Garitsas Bay.
Guy With New Venetian Fort In Background.
New Venetian Fort In Corfu Off The Cruise Liner Harbour.
View Of NAOK Yacht Club And Garitsas Bay Anchorage.
Lovely Small Corfu Greek Church.
Meet Up. 

      We met friends from Licata. John and Lynne on ‘Tumbleweed’ met us in Gouvia first and reminded us that we should be 3 hours ahead in Greece, not 2 that we were operating on from Italy! We enjoyed their company for a few days eating out in Gouvia and Corfu as well as drinks on board.

Drinks On Board With John And Lynne From 'Tumbleweed'
Garitsas Anchorage.

     We visited the anchorage of Garitsas off the NAOK Yacht Club and Corfu Town which provided us excellent shelter from strong north easterlies on several occasions. It is an excellent anchorage from which to explore Corfu Town.

Corfu Old Fort With A Super Yacht.
How The Other Half Live!
Guys Smile After Malawi Piri Piri Feta Cheese
At Marinas Taverna.

Petriti Anchorage.

     We paid a fun visit to Petriti on the south of the island where we were swarmed by Charter yachts. It is a lovely bay with a few beach tavernas and a charming lay back village.

Petriti Harbour And Anchorage.
Petriti Anchorage Landing Stage.
Underwater Shot Of Kisti Two's Propeller.
Gouvia Bay.

      Kisti Two also anchored outside Gouvia Bay in a lovely peaceful spot with the big yachts again with shelter from the strong north easterlies. We met up with Derek and Tracey here on a couple of occasions on their yacht ‘Eclipse’. It is an excellent bay to shelter from strong North Westerlies of which there were several late in the day.

Gouvia Harbour Entrance Chapel.
Anchorage Outside Gouvia Harbour.
The Gorgeous Anchorage Outside Gouvia Harbour.
Kammeno Bay.
Motoring Round Corfu Town To Garitsas Bay.

Drinks In Garitsas Bay.  

       We were also able to meet up with Gilly and John on ‘Riverdancer’ from our Lagos winter days as well as Anne-Grete and Ole Hou from the catamaran  ‘Same Same’ who were with us in Licata. They all came onto Kisti two for an enjoyable afternoon of drinks and gossip.

Evening Drinks With John And Gilly From 'Riverdancer'
And Anne-Grete With Ole From 'Same Same'.
'Riverdancer' Whom We First Met In Lagos.
Kisti Two Anchored In Kammeno Bay.
Sunbathing And Swimming In Anchorage.
The Ghastly Lamp Shade Boat!!
Ay Stephanos.

          We also visited most of the quiet bays to the north east of Corfu Island , Kalami again ,Ay Stephanos just around the corner and explored the Kassiopi Harbour area and bays. 

Ay Stephanos Bay, North East Corfu Island.

Palaiokastrita Bay, North West Corfu.

      A weather window gave us an opportunity to sail round the north of the island round to Palaiokastrita, a wonderful anchorage with white sand and the most clear water we had found to date. It was however a bit touristy with yellow submarines and car pedaloes. We did manage to find a lovely quiet anchorage 2 bays from the main tourist hub.The coastal scenery on the route was spectacular and we managed a couple of good sails, especially in the afternoon when the wind picks up each day.

North Corfu Coast Rock Face.
Mathraki Island, North West Corfu Island.
The White Cliff's Off Northern Corfu.
Sunset In Liapadhes Bay, North West Corfu.
Spiridhonos Monastry At Palaiokastrita.
Anchored In Liapadhes Bay.
 Anchored In Liapadhes Bay.
Kisti Two Anchored In Liapadhes Bay.
 Kisti Two Anchored In Liapadhes Bay.
Gorgeous Crystal Clear Water.
Anchor Chain Down In Clear Water For 10M
Swim Stop North West Corfu.
North West Corfu Coastline.
Vrak Dhiakopto Island Off North West Coast.
Another hard day In The Office!
Cruise Liner Passing Us Through The North Corfu Channel.
Ay Stephanos.

      We returned to the marvellous anchorage of Ay Stephanos and met up with Dave and Ali from 'White Sands' which resulted in another liver attack in a lovely taverna off the beach.

Ay Stephanos Bay
Guy Recovering After Another Liver Attack
With Alison And Dave From 'White Sands'