Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sailing To Preveza And The Gulf Of Amvrakia 10 - 16 July 2015


         We departed Longos and the Island of Paxos on 10 July and sailed across to mainland west coast Greece. The wind died at mid-day but we just drifted for a couple of hours swimming and relaxing until the usual 1500 hrs breeze kicked in. We then sailed south down the coast and into the Bay of Parga with its Venetian Castle and useful anchorage. We decided to continue on south and eventually anchored in an old muscle farm inlet in the Bay of St Ioannou which also has a fresh water spring. The bay was totally secluded from any lights or houses. It was great to be totally isolated again from any form of civilisation.

Venetian Castle In Bay Of Parga.
Parga Port And Anchorage.
Its A Hard Life!!
Bay Of St Ioannou Anchorage.
Back To Life Again!

      Kisti Two continued her journey south the following day sailing into Fanari Bay, Two Rock Bay and small rock bound harbour of Ligia. We arrived in Preveza in the afternoon as the wind picked up so sailed into the Gulf of Amvrakia and round to the area where Octavius built a city in recognition of his victory against Mark Anthony and Cleopatra called Nikopolis which we intend to visit in the future as it was too windy to anchor in the bay. We returned to Preveza and anchored just off the Marina. 

Approaching Preveza

 Mermaid Restaurant

We met up again with John and Lynne from ‘Tumbleweed’ and also Dave and Lindsay from ‘Rosa Di Venti’ who had organised a meal at The Mermaid Restaurant in town. A legendary stop for sailors to Preveza. We awoke the next morning to find anchored next to us a Club La Costa yacht called ‘Nico’ that Kate, our daughter, used to work on out of Palma for several years!

Supper At The Mermaid Restaurant.
John, Guy, Dave, Lindsay, Ginny And Lynne.
The Gang.
Yacht 'Nico' Of Club La Costa.

         After staying 3 nights in Preveza, we sailed off towards Vonitsa on the southern coast of the Gulf of Amvrakia on 14 July. There was a lovely anchorage just beyond the town past a small Island called Koukouvitsa with its lovely church and ornate Japanese styled bridge across the causeway to town.We walked into the town that evening around the base of the Venetian castle and then had sunset drinks in a few local bars. The town was very small, laid back and with a Greek holiday population.

Vonitsa Anchorage.
Guy At The Water Tree!
Island Church With Vonitsa In Background.
Ginny Admiring Vonitsa Bay
Vonitsa Marina.
Ginny At Ancient Church.
Bottles In Barcode Restaurante.
Sunset At Vonitsa.
  Vonitsa Venetian Castle

        We braved a hot climb up to the Venetian Castle on the 15 July and were amazed by its size and extent of renovations with EU funding most of which looked a bit tired and run down! A pity as it has great tourist potential. Greece does need its own version of The National Trust or British Heritage! The castle provided excellent views around the Gulf and our anchorage. 

Venetian Castle Above Vonitsa.
Vonitsa Below The Venetian Castle.
NW View From Castle.
Vonitsa And Anchorage From Castle.
Ginny In The Venetian Castle
Preveza Marina

      We returned to Preveza on 16 July and spent a night in the Marina which only cost €12 including free water and electricity. A bargain compared to UK. This gave us a change to fill up with water, clean the boat and charge up the batteries. Ginny enjoyed using the iron and vacuuming the boat (not)! We stocked up with plenty of rations and beer. We met up with Lars and Marina from Licata on ‘Mais’ and then had another liver attack with Alison and Dave from ‘White Sands’ while putting the world to right! We also saw a traditional dance presentation from various local countries. 

Traditional Dancers In Preveza
Preveza Venetian Clock Tower.