Friday, 31 July 2015

Levkas And Ithaca. 17 - 31 July 2015

West Coast Levkas Sail, 17 July 2015.

    In our usual way, on leaving Preveza,  we decided to circumnavigate Levkas Island rather than going the short route down the Levkas canal. After the first hour or so under engine we sailed the majority of the day under Jib. At about 1500 hrs after passing stunning scenery and cliffs, we came across a most amazing beach with the cleanest turquoise water imaginable. We just had to stop for a rest and swim. The beach, not in Rod The Gods Pilotage book, was a delightful discovery immediately west of Vasiliki.

West Coast Levkas
West Coast Levkas Beach
Anchor Chain 10 Metres Down!
Kisti Two Reflecting The Turquoise Water.
Swim Time For Ginny!
Delightful. Our Own Anchorage.
Swim Time For Guy. Just Wonderful.
Says It All! Read Into It What You Want!

      We left the anchorage as the afternoon wind developed and headed south to round the most SW point of Levkas Island with the lighthouse of Dhoukato. Strong winds met us in Vasiliki Bay coming off the land as we roared up towards Vasiliki Anchorage with just the Genoa doing 7 Knots. We anchored off the beach and were soon asleep despite the best efforts of a beach bar trying to keep us awake all night!
Ak Dhoukato Light House.
Southern Point Of Lefkas.
Vasiliki, Southern Lefkas.
Vasiliki To Meganisi, 18 July 2015.

       We departed Vasiliki Bay early on Saturday 18 July and as normal, poked our nose into all the bays of southern Levkas visiting Vasiliki Harbour, Afteli, Sivota, and Rouda before sailing across to Meganisi Island.  We sailed past Papa Nicolis Cave on Meganisi SW round to Svarna Bay looking out for future anchorages. We then motored into Abeliki Bay where we met up with Dave and Anne Wood from 'Serenity', old sailing friends of ours. We anchored next door to them and after the usual swim, enjoyed a good evening catching up on all our adventures with a few drinks and the lovely dessert wine given to us from Yura and Massimo from Las Vegas Bar in Licata. Abelike is often referred to as The Pirates Cove and is a wonderful hideaway with plenty of hidden inlets to anchor or tie up to shore.

Sivota Bay.
Papa Nicolis Cave, Meganisi.
Drinks With Old Friends,
Dave And Anne Wood Of 'Serenity'.
Abeliki Bay, Meganisi.
Meganisi To Vliho On Levkas.
     After a lazy Sunday morning we motored around all the arms of the Abelike Bay,  Kapali Bay and into the harbours of Vathi and Spartahori. From the northern coast of Meganisi we headed north, round the islands off Nidri and down into Vliho Bay to join up with friends for a late Sunday Lunch at the Vliho Yacht Club. We spent several days restocking at a nearby Lidl's, investigating marine stores and an outboard repair man. We also enjoyed a great carnivores meal eating out at "The Butchers", a meat restaurant up in the hill behind Nidri. Troubles with the outboard engine meant we were rowing back and forth to the shore so a day or so in Taki's repair shed helped it to semi-recovery. The temperatures in the bay were hot, hot, hot and Guy rigged up shades to keep us cool.
John And Lynne With 'Serenity' In The Background.
Vliho, Levkas.
Great Evening At Vliho Yacht Club.
Anne, John, Ginny, Dave, Lynne And Guy.
Awnings In Vliho Bay To Keep Cool. 40C!
Kisti Two With Awnings And English Flag.
Vliho Bay.
The Legendary Vliho Yacht Club.
Ginny At The Roadside Part Of Vliho Yacht Club.
Guy Rowing In 40C While Outboard Engine Being Fixed!!
Exploration of Islands in The Inland Sea, 24 July 2015.
        Following a five day stay in Vliho we set off to explore again and find some sailing winds by day and cooling winds at night. We headed east toward the Greek coast and the islands of Kalamos and Kastos. Sailing around the northern tip of Kastos, we found lots of quiet little bays for anchorage but carried on to Kastos town and anchored in the bay just north of the harbour. We stayed a couple of nights and the second evening went ashore to visit the town and found a lovely restaurant with glorious evening views of the windmill and the sun over the sea from the terrace.

Traditional Boat Yard In Nidri, Levkas.
Skorpios And Skorpidi Islands Off Levkas.
Of Aristotle Onassis Fame Now Owned By Russians!
Mainland Greece Coastline East Of Levkas Island.
Kastos Anchorage.
Kastos Pub And Port.
Kastos Harbour And Pub.
Kastos Anchorage From Windmill Hill.
Kastos Windmill Restaurant And Anchorage.
AAHHH, Beer Time.
Guy Soooo Relaxed. Spot The Obvious Clothing Error????
Kastos Anchorage, Bar And Port.
One House Bay, Atoko Island, 26 July 2105.

     We had a lovely short sail westwards and anchored in One House Bay by 1200 hrs. We had an interesting afternoon watching the shenanigan's of boats coming in and trying to anchor. It became very crowded with yachts but with swimming and the water 'ballet' we were well occupied. It is a great spot but the winds and currents do very strange things to the anchored boats which makes leaving Kisti two very difficult.

One House Bay, Atoko Island.
Just Love The Colour Of The Sea , Beach And Vegetation.
Italian Speed Boat Going Over Yacht Anchor Chain.
Not Clever.
One House Bay Anchorage.
Natures Wonderful Artwork.
One House Bay Anchorage.
Leaving One House Bay Anchorage.
Just Stunning.
Sailing Round Ithaca 27 July 2015
       Leaving Atoko Island we sailed across towards Kioni and then tacked northwards to the top of Ithaca. We then sailed due south through the Ithaca Channel with Cephalonia on our starboard side. There were amazing rock formations along the east coast of Ithaca and vegetation to the shore or cliff tops. A wild landscape with next to no habitation. We dropped the mainsail as the wind built up to 23kts and we continued under jib alone round the southern coast and up the east coast to Nisis Pera Pigadi. The anchorage was either side of the island with a shallow passage between showing bright turquoise waters.
Sometimes The Blue Of The Sea Water Is So Majestic.
Sailing Round Ithaca.
Another Hidden Anchorage.
Sarakiniko Bay.
Another Yacht Anchorage.
Crumbling Cliffs East Coast Ithica.
Hidden Anchorages Everywhere.
East Coast Ithaca.
Another Great Day.
Pera Pigadi Bay,
East Coast Ithaca.
Pera Pigadi Island And Causeway

East Coast Ithaca Back To Kastos Island, 28 July 2015.

       We awoke to a calm bay and enjoyed a lovely swim across to the beach. The wind picked up a bit later so we sailed of again exploring the east coast bays of southern Ithaca. We stopped in a lovely spot for lunch in one of Sarakiniko Bays with a bar that serenaded us with Caro Emerald tunes. The wind picked up again, so we decided to sail off for a bit of shelter off Kastos Island. We roared off with both sails up, but a burst of wind from 18 to 24 Knots made Guy drop the main and we still managed 7 knots as we headed off NE past Atoko Island. One House Bay was full and very windy so we continued on to Kastos. As usual the wind disappeared at 1900 hrs as we found a private and secluded anchorage just around from Kastos Harbour.

Sarakiniko Bay Anchorage With Bar.
Kastos And Kalamos Islands
With mainland Greece In The Distance.
Windmill Bay South Of Kastos Town.
Windmill Bar, Kastos.
Mainland Greece From Kastos

Back To Vliho Bay, 29 July 2015.

        We enjoyed a few swims while waiting for the mid-day wind whereupon we pulled up the anchor and then sailed back south round Kastos Island to head up between it and Kalamos Island to look at future anchorages. We looked at Port Leone, a previous small village, that was deserted after the 1953 earthquake, although there are now signs of regeneration taking place. It is a beautiful bay and certainly on our must visit again list. We continued NE along the Kalamos coast and then around the northern edge tacking our way round. We then sailed NW across to Meganisi Island before the wind disappeared as usual at 1800 hrs. We motored across for a while then stopped Kisti Two off Skorpios for a swim before continuing on to Vilho Bay and anchored off the Yacht Club again.

Port Leone Bay.
Port Leone, Kalamos Island.
Kalamos Town On Kalamos Island.
North Kalamos Island

Admin In Vliho Bay.

      We were to spend 3 days at anchorage in Vliho Bay off the yacht club to catch up on admin, meet friends and celebrate Guys birthday with an excellent curry supper in the club. The bay is very hot so we are keen to move off again. This time to Preveza to clean up Kisti Two, fill up with water and draw out more cash before the next crisis starts again.

This Is The Life? Wind In My Sails.
A Very Contented Birthday Skipper.